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Late Night Chats & 200 Trees - The Feel Good Grapes Story So Far

After nearly two full months of trading, I’m finally getting around to saying “welcome”. It’s really exciting to launch the new company as well as this, the new company blog. The blog is designed to keep you all up to date with what’s going on in the world of Feel Good Grapes, and to give you all the chance to ask me anything you like about our wines or the wine world in general. The first one, however, is all about saying hello and thanks for the amazing support so far.

Despite our initial worries about the impact that the COVID-19 lockdown would have, we’ve had a whirlwind start to life as a new company. It’s been a lot of fun to run so many online wine tastings, introducing our wines to a host of new clients across the UK and having some brilliant wine chats along the way with you all. The hour-long online tastings have invariably ended up late into the night and that’s just how I like them. So thanks to all of your who’ve taken part in them so far.

Something else that’s been really pleasing has been the reception to our company ethos. I think both Toby and I are aware that going around talking about our eco-credentials can easily make it sound twee or disingenuous. But we’ve both been really pleased that the reception so far has been great and most people have understood that this really means a lot to us both to run our company like this; promoting boundary-pushing producers, planting a tree for every bottle sold, making sure our packaging is all recyclable or readily biodegradable, and much more to come. In May’s trading alone we’ve planted nearly 200 trees and we look set to increase that for June.

We’re still at the start of our journey, but you’ve really given us the confidence that we’re on the right track. We look forward to sharing many more bottles with you all in the coming months.

All the best

Mike Turner

Co-Founder and Director of Feel Good Grapes


If you are interested in finding out more about our online wine tastings, or about our carbon offsetting pledges, please get in touch at



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