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Wine Courses

Pouring Wine

Fancy learning about wine like the pros?


Now's your chance to increase your wine knowledge in a structured, classroom based study programme with the globally recognised WSET qualifications.


We've partnered with the brilliant Jane Clare at One Foot in the Grapes Wine School to run WSET Levels 1 and 2, offering both online and in person courses.

Upcoming Online Courses

Currently all our courses are being taught online, via a series of regular meetings on Zoom.

The next qualification to be taught is:


- Starting February 10th

- 8 consecutive Thursday evenings 7pm-9.30pm

- Exam online

Wine Tasting Events

What is the WSET?

The Wine & Spirit Education Trust is a globally recognised study programme recognised throughout the wine and spirits trade.  It's how many wine professionals gain and then hone their knowledge of the world of wine including how it's made, sold, and enjoyed.  There are currently four levels of increasing detail and challenge.


The great thing for all you wine lovers out there is that all of those levels are open for anyone to study, whether part of the wine trade or not.

Red Wine Tasting

Study With Mike

Mike works with Jane Clare of One Foot In The Grapes, as a registered WSET tutor.


He is available to run WSET Level One and WSET Level Two courses for both trade and private customers. 


Currently these courses are being run online, but going forward these will be run, as part of One Foot In The Grapes, at venues across Lincolnshire.

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How to Find Out More

All courses will be booked through One Foot In The Grapes.  To find out more about the prices and dates of upcoming courses, please head over to the website for more details.


For anyone with further questions, including whether the WSET is for them, then please feel free to contact Jane or Mike directly.

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