We are living in uncertain times for the world, and the best thing to do right now is respect the instructions to pop us all under isolation.

On the plus side though, that means if you're into your wine and food, you're actually being asked to stay in, open a bottle or two of something lovely, and cook yourselves something to keep that smile on your faces.  We can live with that!

We'll be running a series of online tasting events where the ONLY SUBSCRIPTION FEE IS TO BUY A COUPLE OF BOTTLES ready for opening up and pouring on the night.  Be great to see you at one!


7pm, Friday 14th August 2020

It's more important than ever to support our local businesses, and with that in mind we're asking you fine folks to head down to your local chippy, wave in the fish dinners, and then return to your homes for a night of batter and bubbles as we search for the best wine pairing with this icon of British cuisine!


Future events will be held at various locations across the UK, but our regular haunt is La Ferme London in the Primrose Hill district.  Chef Guillaume Dunos and the team will be preparing three or four courses of lovely grub to accompany a night with wines from the Feel Good Grapes stocks, all presented by Feel Good Grapes director Mike Turner.  Sit back, have some fun, and enjoy a little bit of foodie heaven for the night.

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