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Corporate Offers

We know that a happy team is a productive team and it's important to have some tangible upsides for rocking up to work each day.  Well how do some incredible and exclusive wine offers strike you?


We have experience in running and executing annual or biannual group corporate offers, and tastings throughout the year, rewarding staff for all their hard work each year.


You'll get your own dedicated members' page, password protected, where your staff can sign up, browse, and then purchase a specially selected range of wines from Feel Good Grapes at discounted prices on group delivery.

You can even have one of the Feel Good Grapes team onsite during the year to present the wines at a staff wine tasting event, whether in the office or somewhere local.  It's ok, we can bring the glasses!


Delivery is usually planned to arrive at your national office(s) once, potentially twice a year.  This is organised in conjunction with your post room staff, who it's important to keep pretty sweet in our experience!

It's also possible for staff to have the wines delivered to directly to their homes, but at slightly higher delivery costs to encourage the single office drop.


We recommend running these offers twice a year, maybe once in Spring/Summer and once for Christmas/New Year.  Any more than that and the post room team tend to get slightly fed up, any less and your staff get a bit thirsty!


If you run an organisation or work for an organisation you believe could benefit from an offer like this, then please just use the contact form below and open the conversation and we'll take it from there.

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