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Looking for the perfect gift to delight someone special in your life? Look no further than Feel Good Grapes’ personalised online wine tasting experience. Whether it’s for your partner, friend, family member, or simply someone deserving of a memorable experience, our wine tasting gift voucher is sure to impress.

Indulge them with an evening curated by Feel Good Grapes’ own Mike Turner, renowned for his expertise and passion for sustainable wine. Tailored to their preferences, this online wine tasting can be enjoyed at their convenience, and in the comfort of their own home..

With three carefully selected bottles (75cl) included in the gift, each chosen to complement the themed wines of the evening, recipients can explore a variety of flavors and styles, from bubbles and whites to rosés and reds. Give the gift of discovery and enjoyment with Feel Good Grapes’ wine tasting gift voucher.

Personalised Online Wine Tasting Experience

  • Additional Information

    - Standard package includes wines with a combined RRP of approximately £50.

    - The 3 wines are chosen by us to reflect two we feel will be crowd pleasers, and one designed to split opinion and get people feeling confident to speak their mind about wines and what they like.

    - Premium packages available on request carrying a bespoke additional fee.

    - The price also includes carbon offset delivery, compostable packaging, a tree planted with Ripple Africa ( per bottle and presentation time.

    - Due to current shipping uncertainty all households must be on the UK mainland.  For any households in the rest of the UK, or further afield, please contact the team directly to discuss.

    - It’s open to everyone regardless of their level of wine knowledge. We can go full wine geek for some, or entry level info for others. Just want to make sure everyone feels involved.

    - Under GDPR rules, we delete all personal information the morning after the event

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