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Owned by the Deniau family, Domaine des Vaublins has been a family winery for several generations. Since 2020 the Domaine is in the hands of the current generation Nicolas and Alexandrine, and together with Cedric Allion they are making some excellent wines under his watchful eye. Their 16 hectares of vines are located on the clay and limestone hillsides on the banks of the river Cher.

Their winemaking style is all about careful, minimalistic viticulture, keeping intervention low and expression high.

'Les Vaublins' Crémant is a sumptuous sparkler made in the traditional method (the same as Champagne), by carefully blending Chenin (80%) and Chardonnay (20%) to create its crisp and fresh expression. It spends as much as 60 months in the underground tuffeau caves.

The fruity nose of bright red apple and notes of lime is dominating, along with notes of white flower, honeysuckle and acacia flower aromas. On the palate, the bubbles are delicate, and a welcome green spine of celery and lime cordial rein in those rich flavours and textures, making for a complex fizz with a ripe strawberry finish.

Anything this fresh and fun will hold up to most foods you throw at it. A naughty but nice example would be fried fish goujons with tartare sauce and lemon juice, the wine will cut through the fattiness and lift the lovely citrus flavours.

“Les Vaublins” 2020, Cremant de Loire, Blanc Brut


    ‘Les Vaublins’ Crémant: A vivacious blend of Chenin and Chardonnay, aged 60 months in tuffeau caves, boasting a fruity nose, delicate bubbles, and a complex fizz with a ripe strawberry finish


    Loire Valley, France


    This bubbly delight is a versatile match for everything, excelling with fried delights like fritto misto, tempura veggies, fish 'n' chips, and deep-fried courgettes. It also shines alongside raw oysters, grilled prawns, scallops, and fresh green salads. Cheers to a bottle that enhances every bite!


    Sustainable | 12% | Vegan | Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay

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