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A selection of Feel Good Grapes classics to get you in a more relaxed mood this summer.


The contents of the box are subject to stock levels, but the following is an example of the wines you can expect:


- Bocchoris Cava Brut NV from Penedes in Spain  (Classic sparkling wine from Spain)


- Gianni Doglia Moscato D'Asti "Casa Di Bianca" 2018 from Piemonte in Italy  (Refreshingly sweet sparkling wine)


- Forty Hall Bacchus 2018 from London in UK (fresh and floral dry white wine)


- Brand Wilder Satz 2019 from Pfalz in Germany (full, fresh, mineral, and fruit driven dry white)


- Ancre Hill Pet Nat NV from Monmouthshire in UK (spitzy, light, crisp, tannic red wine)


- Maison Ventenac La Paria 2018 from Cabardes in France (full, earthy, juicy red wine)

£100 Selection Box

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